Lureaway Story and Members

Lureaway Story

Lureaway – a symphonic metal band, founded in 2015 in Riga. The band is actively performing in and out of Latvia. Lureaway’s music is an exciting fusion of enchanting soprano, melodious symphonic elements, heavy guitar riffs and energetic drums. The band’s debut EP “Saviour” was released in 2016 and in May, 2019 Lureaway releases their first full album “Unchained and Soaring”.

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Band Members

Jevgenija Korkina

Soprano vocalist and founder of Lureaway.

Ivan Korkin

Drummer and general manager of Lureaway.

Liza Nabatova

Keyboardist of Lureaway.

Konstantin Minin

Guitarist of Lureaway.

Oskars Kurpnieks

Bassist of Lureaway